How to solve your PC repair?

Using And Therefore Setting Up Mondo And Mindi Under Linux (version 3.2.2-r3752)

Bruno Korneck

Conor Daley

This document generally describes how to use mondo in conjunction with mindi tools to secure disaster recovery of your systems. It includes information about installation, backup and recovery settings, hardware and software requirements, and reasons for some frequently asked questions.
Dreams lend themselves to a general study of functions and their proper use.
Mondo Rescue is a disaster recovery solution that allows you to
Easy Acceleration and Interactive Recovery of Linux, Windows and Linux
other supported file system partitions to/from marketing CD/DVD+R/RW, magnetic tapes,
NFS, … and Linux mindi allow bootable disaster recovery
The media that uses when it starts up.

This HOWTO is any kind of free documentation. You may copy, distribute and/or modify the expressions below.
GNU Free Documentation License, versia 1.1.

or later published by the Software Free Foundation; no invariant sections, cover text, or back cover text. This document is distributed avidly, it will be useful, but before any guarantees; You are solely responsible for its use and cannot complain if it does not work or the hardware fails. All software contained here, if not already copyrighted, is released under the GPL.

1.1. Purpose/area Of ​​guidance

This HOWTO is designed to help you get started and use it
mondo/mindi as a way to backup/restore your configuration. it’s work
constantly evolving. It was also started by Rabson Hugo.
has since been edited by several people. To see
Site “About us”
Page for displaying a list of members of the development team.

Many species contribute to the Linux movement
without writing code. One of the most important is writing
Documentation to enable cancer patients to share their knowledge with themmi
Thousands more around the world. This is a detailed guide
to help you become familiar with how Mondo/Mindi works.

The views expressed here are those of the authors.
The information is provided in order to be useful to readers.
However, this document provides virtually no guarantees.
If the option works on your systems, the author cannot be held responsible for any problems caused by including this information.
However, software vendors often don’t guarantee you much (read contracts).

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MondoRescue homepage MondoRescue.

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This document was originally written by native English speakers, but unfortunately not supported by a native speaker, so help me sort out the errors (sic) instead of scolding me for making one 🙂

I also try to answer general questions about MondoRescue to the best of my ability.
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1.4. Thanks

Thanks to these people for their help and input

  • Bruno Korneck

  • Xion

  • Coffee

  • Troff

  • Randy Delfs

  • < li>

    Mikael Hultgren

  • Brian J. Smith

  • Mikael Hultgre

  • Hugo Rabson

3.1. Saving Mondo

Mondo Rescue backs up system files to run on CD, tape, and NFS.
(archives are stored remotely) possibly ISO (archives are stored locally).
Mondo uses afio as its backup mechanism; afio will probably be respected
replace resin. In case of catastrophic data, you
can recover all or part of your system, even if your company owns the drives
are now empty. Rescue Mondo could be much cooler

  • Perhaps you could use Mondo to clone a Linux base. Right
    Backing up sensitive content and excluding /home, /var/log, etc.

  • You might want to back up a non-RAID filesystem and restore it as RAID
    including the actual partition (if your kernel supports it).

  • You can save a working system in format and restore it as

  • You can restructure your sections, such as shrink/expand,
    remap devices, hard drives, etc.e. create partition and now
    Format the drives. Mondo extracts and augments your data
    /etc/lilo.conf and /etc/fstab respectively.

  • You can back up Linux/Windows systems, including the boot process
    sectors. Mondo will most likely fix things after his recovery.
    (However, “Scandisk” starts you up in Windows on first boot, it’s easy
    just in case.)

  • You can put your backup CD into Mondo to confirm its integrity
    your computer.

Mondo’s main benefit is protecting you with
Problems that may arise during a fresh installation from scratch.
When you just need to wipe and restore the system many years ago
When it comes to “best practices”, Mondo is not for you. However, if you
in a fairy tale for those who want to refresh their breaks
on a computer or laptop and deletes it (or if your company accidentally deletes it
yourself), then Mondo might be for you. You will be easy
return the associated installation to a known good state in a very short time
time, sometimes only twenty-five minutes. Even if you save
large portions of theThe raw tape data does not need to be merged yet
different backup scheme, consider backing up to top level kernel
File system (i.e. but everything that each of our directories with your
huge database and all your award-winning novels) every month or and, easily
in case where. You’ll be lucky.

Mondo is not a backup program. It was never designed
to replace tar, afio, kbackup, etc. Mondo must do it
it is possible to return to the beginning from scratch if necessary. Tar and afio conveniently offer
quick, way to secure small sets of clips, sometimes too
Removable stand.

3.2. Mindy

Mindi Linux creates a set of boot/root images
With this media, you can perform standard system maintenance on your Linux.
Distribution. The main advantages of Boot Mindi hard drives are the fact that
that they contain the human core, modules, tools and libraries. she
may request the inclusion of additional binaries (or added files)
professional kitsEyes for teeth whitening. Libraries will be added to you.