How can I restore Windows Repair?

In The Article A service source is a place where a person can fix revolutionary features, optional features, or corrupted windows image window features. can use them Install Windows Update or just Related support files as a good recovery source. Choose A Recovery Source Windows Update is the usual source of recovery. However, you… Continue reading How can I restore Windows Repair?

Windows Errors Formatbits

In Article This section lists the recommended 10-bit and 16-bit YUV platforms for capturing, sharpening, and viewing video on the Microsoft operating system. code fourcc for 10-bit and 16-bit YUV 4:2:0 format 4:4:4 format Related topics Preview These formats benefit from a fixed-point representation for the luma and chroma (C’b C’r) channels. Scaled samples… Continue reading Windows Errors Formatbits

End and crunch to prolong it (Kotaku)

Crunch may be a lossy texture compression format, likely to be used in addition to DXT texture compression. Improved crunch compression to reduce size at the expense of textures to use less disk space and load faster. The original compression supported by Binominal is available on GitHub. Support for the Texture Crunch Framework was… Continue reading End and crunch to prolong it (Kotaku)

GConf Error: D-BUS daemon not running? ! How to reinstall

Does your need also apply to the error Download Guardian Daemon? If yes, then this article will definitely help you solve this problem. This allocation error appears with the message “Failed to load daemon”. Along with this frequency, it also tells us that the whole operation requires a rooted device to help you keep going.… Continue reading GConf Error: D-BUS daemon not running? ! How to reinstall

Lessons from Garry’s Mod

Modo’s offline rendering experimental project to (partially) recreate a specific Mark13 robot from the complete Hardware movie. I love this movie! Couldn’t find very good reference material, many gaps at the end filled in as best as possible. Note. This ZIP file contains only the geometry. LXO (available with reduced number of subds) and FBX… Continue reading Lessons from Garry’s Mod